Friday, January 20, 2006

Please Mr.Postman

Today I got two frightening things in the mail. Unsolicited! The first an offer from a bookclub for LARGE SIZE PRINT. Are they infering that I need it?! And second, another offer for a book of 1950 Cook Book memories..."the memories you grew up with." Am I on some aging quickly list I don't know about?


AnneD said...

Hi Susan: Please don't slap me for this, but I think you meant to wonder whether the book club is *implying* that you need large print, not inferring it. Oy, I know, editors are obnoxious! To answer your question: yup, everyone I know over the age of 50 (including yours truly) is on some giant evil junk-mail list shilling embarrassing products made for the elderly and infirm. BTW, I love your Diaries and am glad to see you have a blog now. - Anne, in Rhode Island

susan said...

no slapping...i thought it might be imply but at 9 a.m. no brain waves work for me. thanks and keep in touch. ss