Tuesday, January 17, 2006

First Greetings

Hi everyone. This is the first blog entry of The Search For Mr.Adequate. It has been a column running on newyorksocialdiary.com on Friday and now will be here everyday. I encourage all my old Dear Readers to comment and you new Readers (who are not yet Dear to me) to read the columns and catch up with us.


Alexandra said...

Hello, You know I think at some point in a girls life we have made a total "d'oh" out of ourselves. Ahh....those prickly "should have's."

fish40174 said...

I first must say that Susan, I think you are absolutely fabulous! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your column and look forward to it...and now, more witty and hilarious episodes to read on the blog. I'm certain that Mr. Just-As-Fabulous is right around the corner, or should be, you're great!

Jenny from Denver

susan said...

thanks so much for your comments..am new to the blog thing and it's exciting to hear from you!both here and at newyorksocialdiary.com keep in touch. best, ss

Terri said...

Hi, Susan,

Terri said...

Love your wit & humor! I live in Chicago I was first enthralled by your take on Montecito in NYSD a few months ago.
we have a property 1hr. north in Santa Barbara County. Love it there So Much!! I enjoy your writing very much! Terri

susan said...

terri..probably will be there to spend the waning years!! any minute now.thanks for reading...ss

Jrose said...

Susan ~
Just a note to say how much I've enjoyed your column over the years!?!
It's been so long now I honestly forgot how I came upon the NY Society Web site.
I'm a happily married man with a 7 year old daughter ( I work in TV News in the Philly area).
I always get a chuckle out of your columnn and I admired your work at MTM - classic work! Thank Goodness for TV Land Network :)
I'm a fellow "Sag" and just turned 45 years old and got my first pair of bi-focals! Now I feel old :)
In the meantime keep up the search you're MORE than Adequate.

susan said...

oh jrose thanks!!it's great to hear from you..as a guy let's get some tips from you on finding someone for me!!ss

D.J.Writer said...

Hi Susan!
I'm glad to see that you have your own blog. An excellent idea!

I love your NYSD column (and DPC) and I'm always cheering for you.

Good luck!
D.J. from Michigan

D.J.Writer said...
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Jrose said...

Sure I'd be honored to help you with some tips. I feel I know you from reading your column for 2 years!
I am by far NO expert in this field. I'm just a married guy who got hooked on you're column. So if you and your legion of woman readers don't mind here goes...

TIP#1 I would generally stay away from the cyber date sites. I think a small percentage are successful. The rest are inmates with computer access. Beside you're dynamite the way you put yourself "out there" in the big cruel world. Keep it up! You'll spy "him" one day in the corner of that party or cruise or whatever you're doing. You are "Miss Mingle" and that sets you apart right away.

TIP#2 You have a lot of female friends, You're a good and loyal friend. But I have found they can be a drag if you're companion hunting. So next time you're in "the hunt mode" go single. Leave your female pals out of it. Men admire that, we do.

TIP#3 Find someone in a totally different field than your's, yet he must be successful in his.

TIP#4 When you're not "looking" that's when you see. I met my wife on a night when I was not even actually "looking" for a wife. We just MET. Meeting someone is EASY, it's the next leap that is hard.

I hope this helps, but it's time for Lisa Loeb's new TV show on E! And I have put my daughter to bed. This was fun, I hope it helps Susan :)


DC Mike said...

Susan - Love to read your stuff on NYSD. I find your writing very funny. I bit of advice. Don't try so hard to find a man. When you are not looking you will meet the person of your dreams. Looking forward to reading your blog!

susan said...

mike...thanks. if i don't look then there is no column!! best, ss

Anonymous said...

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