Monday, January 23, 2006

Had my Phil!

No. this is not a typo, but rather a reference to the ubiquitous Dr. Phil, former protege of Oprah. He is a talk show host, ok, he is an author, ok, has products, less ok...and now I see is hawking a Singles Internet site. I used to like him. He was kind of no nonsense and interesting. But somehow I can't trust a shrink who would be appearing as the center square of Hollywood Squares if asked. Oprah is creating Frankensteins! She may be interested in the Color Purple,, but Phil is becoming too interested in 'green.'Well, there goes my shot on Oprah.


Jrose said...

I totally agree with you Susan. What sadden's me the most is that viewers across America actually believe Dr. Phil's form of therapy is typical of therapist's. I would NEVER go see a therapist like Dr. Phil. He does more harm than good for psychiatry.

mc-california said...

Susan, I love you! I have been reading your column from the very start. Thank you for filling my Fridays with humor and comfort, knowing I am not the only one that can't find an adequate guy out there. Back to Dr. Phil. Have you noticed every time he does a lot of publicity there is a book he is about to promote, i.e and his Love/Relationship book?